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Common Transition Options From Tile to Carpet

Whether you are simply changing your flooring in one room, creating a whole new addition or redecorating several rooms in your home, you may find yourself in need of transitioning between tile and carpet. Las Vegas carpet stores can provide the expertise to help you analyze your floor and underlayment in order to arrive at the best transition solution.

Standard Transition

Most transitions between tile and carpet use a tuck method, which requires that the carpet edge is slightly longer at the transition point. Floor installation professionals will then stretch the extra carpet over the gap and tuck it between the tack strip and the edge of the tile floor.

Z-Bar Transition

If you are installing the tile floor after the carpet floor and working in a high-traffic area, you may want to consider a Z-bar transition. This durable method uses a bar of metal to hold the carpet edge down. This metal is then secured to the floor, and an additional tack strip is glued on top.

Concrete Transition

If your transition point has a floor base of concrete, your flooring professionals will use special glue designed to attach transition strips to that substance. Once these are properly installed, the carpet can again be tucked at the transition point.

Reducer Strips

Many different types of reducer strips are available. Basically, these strips interlock the edges of the carpet and the tile to complete the installation. They come in a variety of formats, colors, styles and materials to add to your overall decor. Some are shaped like a “T” and fit the gap between the tile and the carpet while others fit over the top of both flooring materials.

A wide array of choices is available to you when you are transitioning between tile and carpet. These choices come in an assortment of designs and levels of durability, which means you can customize the project and find a transition option for your particular need. Flooring professionals can assist you in reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of each.