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Pros and Cons of Laminate Floors for Dogs and Pets

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If you’re looking to add a dog or another pet to your household, you’ll want to prepare your home for your new family member. One of the most important things to consider is the flooring for your home. If you’re thinking about installing laminate floors, you need to consider both the pros and cons of this surface type when it comes to your pet.

Pros of Laminate Flooring

  1. Scratch-resistant: Laminate flooring does not scratch as easily as other surfaces, so the claws or sharp nails of your pet shouldn’t cause damage to your floors.
  2. Cleanliness: It’s no secret that pets have their fair share of accidents. No matter what the mess is, you’ll want to be able to easily clean it up. Laminate floors allow for effortless cleanup.

Cons of Laminate Flooring

  1. Lack of durability: Unfortunately, laminate floors don’t last as long as hardwood floors. Because of the material, you’ll want to replace it to keep your home looking great. You won’t need to do this once a year or every other year; however, it is something you may want to consider every 10 years or so.
  2. Lack of grip: Laminate floors in general don’t have a lot of grip. If your dog is running across your laminate floors, he or she won’t experience the amount of grip that is needed, and he or she can easily slip, fall and crash into something.

As you keep these tips in mind, you might come up with your own list of pros and cons. If your pros outweigh the cons, choose laminate flooring in Las Vegas for your home. Each homeowner is different and will make decisions based on what’s most feasible for their lifestyle. As long as you do what works for you and your pet, that’s all that matters.