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Best Carpet Runners for Stairs

carpet runner

Accent your stairs with an attractive carpet runner. Learn why these pieces make a great addition to any home and what to look for in a carpet runner.

Choosing a Carpet Runner for Your Stairs

Whether the stairs in your home are crafted from beautiful hardwood, tile, or carpet, a carpet runner can help provide style, protection, and a safe surface to walk over. There are many carpet runner styles and widths to choose from, and your local flooring professionals and carpet store in Las Vegas can help.

Why Add a Carpet Runner?

As you may already know, a carpet runner can provide numerous benefits for every family member or guest within your home. The more obvious reason to choose a carpet runner is for the added safety that it will provide. It’s easy to fall if you are walking up and down slippery hardwood or tile stairs on a daily basis.

Moving beyond the safety aspect of a carpet runner, it will also provide protection of your precious hardwood, tile, or carpeted stairs. Consider it a worthwhile investment for those heavy traffic areas. Not to mention that it can provide an additional style element to your home. Why not choose an eye-catching and engaging design to complement a prominent feature of your home?

Another benefit to adding a carpet runner to your staircase is that it can greatly reduce the noise of foot traffic, especially on wood or tile stairs. This added bonus speaks for itself.

Design Features to Consider for Your Carpet Runner

To help make a more informed decision and to have a better idea of what type of runner you are looking for, consider the pattern and pattern size of your runner. Take into account the runner length and width, along with the decorative finishing options available to you. Maybe you want to add decorative rods to the back of the stairs or have the edges of your runner finished in a certain fashion.

There are many important considerations you’ll have to keep in mind when choosing a carpet runner. These will undoubtedly provide a great starting point to guide you through your next conversation with your local flooring professional.