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Best Carpet for Pets (Pet Proof Carpets)

Living in Las Vegas, many families combine casual living with their formal lives. Couples enjoy entertaining year-round in the evenings. However, they coordinate daytime living with their children and dogs.

carpet flooring for pets

When you maintain a full schedule, you have little time for constant cleaning or decorating. You know the effect you want your home to reflect, but a little help with carpet choices and installation would be nice.

Choosing the Right Carpet

You know carpeting is the right choice for your house and lifestyle. Decorating experts suggest having nylon carpet in the family room, kid’s bedrooms, and other areas where you expect heavy traffic from children and dogs. Before you schedule a carpet installation in Las Vegas, discuss all the options available for carpet embedded with stain- and soil-resistance.

Nylon carpets come in all weights and styles. Consider getting a looped or cut pile Berber, low-profile cut and uncut fibers, or other carpet cut close to the floor. This reduces the risk of small children tripping on a higher carpet or your pup catching a toenail in a high-pile rug. Pick a tightly twisted yarn with a minimum density weight of 35 to 40 percent.

Design Choices for Your Carpet

Choosing a carpet with a similar color to your dog’s coat is usually a wise decision. If that option holds no appeal, then consider ordering carpet with a pattern that matches the rest of your home’s decor. Patterned carpets look cleaner and don’t show pet hair in stark contrast to the color.

Make the seamless switch to entertaining an adult crowd with a different carpet selection in the living room and formal dining room. A formal carpet with a different style and color can still complement carpeting in the rest of the house.

Formal carpet styles include Saxony, velvet, certain discrete patterns, and a higher pile. Use your formal carpet to present a stark, dramatic change in texture or color to define large, formal areas. A smart application of color in your wall or window coverings can carry a patterned theme to other rooms if desired.

Carpets and carpet cushioning that are high quality will last for years even with kids and pets. Obtain regular, professional care as recommended by the manufacturer.