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Update Your Stairs By Installing Carpet

Installing carpet on stairs is one of the simplest ways to improve the look and accessibility of your home or business. If you’re considering a renovation, you might already have that perfect plush carpeting picked out for your stairs. However, not every staircase will be ideal for carpeting and, likewise, some carpets are better suited […]

Is Hardwood or Carpeting Best for Stairs?

Both carpeting and hardwood flooring are popular choices for stairs, but you may want to spend a little extra time considering the advantages and disadvantages of each in this area of your home. A Las Vegas flooring company can help you sort through the pros and cons. Choosing Hardwood Hardwood is a beautiful flooring choice […]

How to Protect Carpet on Stairs (From Foot Traffic & Wear and Tear)

Carpeted stairs sustain a great deal of use. There are many easy ways to protect carpet on stairs from excessive wear and tear. Picking the Right Carpet for High-Traffic Areas Like Stairs Carpet should look great and feel good when walking on it. However, it can experience a lot of wear and tear in high-traffic […]

Best Carpet Runners for Stairs

Accent your stairs with an attractive carpet runner. Learn why these pieces make a great addition to any home and what to look for in a carpet runner. Choosing a Carpet Runner for Your Stairs Whether the stairs in your home are crafted from beautiful hardwood, tile, or carpet, a carpet runner can help provide […]

Best Carpet for Pets (Pet Proof Carpets)

Living in Las Vegas, many families combine casual living with their formal lives. Couples enjoy entertaining year-round in the evenings. However, they coordinate daytime living with their children and dogs. When you maintain a full schedule, you have little time for constant cleaning or decorating. You know the effect you want your home to reflect, […]